I've been trying to re-organize my posts so that all these things that we've written over the years are accessible to everyone, especially the useful posts. With climate change being such a dire emergency I started this page to share all our green tips.

I'm also adding any posts that have to do with veganism that aren't straight up recipes because whether you argue that fossil fuels or animal agriculture are number one cause of climate change, they are so close it could probably be a tie! I know everyone isn't a vegan or could see themselves becoming one, there are SO many things we can do that make our carbon footprint smaller and smaller when it comes to eating, using, or wearing animal products and I write about it from time to time.


Posts Pertaining to Veganism that aren't Recipes

FREE Recipes and Support from a Mentor to go Vegan:

Here is a FREE 22 Day Vegan Challenge anyone can do. You get a mentor, recipes, and support from clinical dieticians so you can try it out, save the animals, the planet, and yourself! This is a volunteer based support network, no credit card or payment required!

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