Countdown to Baby

It's a NEW YEAR and we have a NEWBORN on the way!!! Our baby girl is due March 2nd and I'm planning a lot of blog posts, giveaways, and will be Instagramming our way to the due date. Make sure you are following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with everything that's going on (right on the sidebar you can follow everything! I plan to keep this page updated with all the Countdown to Baby news, reviews, and goodies, so keep checking in to see the latest!

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What's HOT right now?
38 Weeks! Mommy Blogger Graco® Live Party and the Simple Sway™ Swing

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Nursery Necessities Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover Review and Giveaway

What's NEXT?
We're working on our baby nursery... can't wait to show off the finished room!
We will be reviewing AND giving away a NEW Halo brand product once baby is here!!!

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Things that need to get done:
  • House picked up
  • Baby room painting finished
  • Baby room trim completed
  • Baby room light fixture installed
  • Artwork for baby room
  • Clean breast pump and accessories

Things to Buy:
  • Dresser for baby room
  • Baby washcloths
  • More cloth diapers
  • Infant insert for Ergo
  • New breast pump accessories if needed
  • Double Stroller


  1. As a single mom who never had the luxury.. I cant relate to any of this.. especially being left alone with a ton of responsibility. My advice to these moms is do some kind of advocacy for other women because with all the time they have being depresssed, they can connect, stay politically involved and stay connected with other women.. For me this is almost a class thing. The working poor cannot SURVIVE as SAHM moms…its a struggled to put food on the table.. Boredom and depression unless organic come from lack of awareness and appreciation of what they have. Take a walk in a working poor moms shoes.. who doesnt have food in the pantry… or health insurance to treat their diabetes and the whining will stop.. believe me… there are so many women SUFFERING with children trying to figure out where field trip money is going to magically appear from or how to make this months rent that boredom is a distant mirage

  2. I thank you very much for all the effort you have done well. Especially in the article that has been painstakingly created so that you can read everyone. Everything I've read, is quite clear and easy to understand. But I regretted one thing, you describe it less logical. Maybe for others it is quite easy, for me this complex. Hopefully in the future you can write better.


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