Make Money and Get Traffic for Bloggers

I started this blog to make money. I was laid-off and just had my baby. I learned the hard way that you can't make money overnight with a blog BUT, you can make money and at least get a ton of perks that you otherwise may not have been able to afford.

Once you start a blog, you will want to sign up with some ad and/or affiliate networks:
Google Adsense
Amazon Affiliate network
eBay Partner Network
There are more but those are the big ones!

*As a new blogger, make sure you have a presence on all social media and are working on gaining followers. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest

There is also no guarantee that you will be accepted to any of these programs. They each have their own criteria probably based on your social media reach, google page rank, or whatever they think makes a good blog. Beyond these companies hiring you, their clients are the ultimate decision makers who decide whether you work or not.

Here are some companies I work with that do Sponsored Blog and Social Media Posts:

* I may receive a commission if you sign up with any of these guys and complete a paid job!

Get Sponsored by Big Brands

I've had some easy and fun opportunities through US family guide including a week of summer camp for my son. I'm bumping them to the top of this list because they have opportunities for new bloggers and we just got free tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil show through them.

2. Izea
On IZEA, you place bids on jobs. You will need to get comfortable with what your rate is and go back and check to see if you've been engaged. I've done a lot of projects with them and worked with some very big brands. Lately it has not been so great but it is still worth a try for a new blogger.

Here's the catch: you need to sign up for the paid version at $1 a month to bid unlimited jobs. The free version may be too limited on the amount of bids. I've paid $5 for the premium version but I didn't see much of a difference from the $1 version, so I stick to that.

3. Linqia
In their platform you are earning per clicks and they will increase your max in the next job if you beat the milestones. I find it to be quite difficult to meet the milestones so I take this into consideration when I write the posts on how much time I'll actually spend. They also did not provide a hotel stay they had promised as part of compensation on one job so I was pretty disappointed but before that I had mainly positive experiences.

4. iSway Network
I find it difficult to get chosen here but you are compensated if you do.

5. Activate
I mostly work through She Knows on Activate. There are other projects posted but I found I rarely got picked for one so it was not worth filling out so many applications. I do have luck with the She Knows ones and have consistently worked for them for several years on simple social media shares.

6. Clever Girls
This is a great site with very fair pay. I have had great luck with both sponsored posts and social media through this company.

7. Tomoson

Great place for beginners to find items to review. Occasional paid gigs.

8. Webfluential
Strangely enough, all the "jobs" I've received through this company were pre-written posts and were easy money.

9. Acorn Influence

Great ways to get traffic:

Giveaways - Host a giveaway or join one with another blogger in a Giveaway Opportunity. You basically sign up with a blogger, post when they ask you to and promote a few times on social media. Then you watch the traffic roll in on your account(s)

Social Media Tips:
Use Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest pins
I'm not a huge fans of social media schedulers. Facebook has its own scheduler and I think they probably prefer it that way. I'm not a huge fan of Twitter schedulers either. Recycling content will make your profile disappear on many platforms but Tailwind for Pinterest is the only scheduler I use and it seems to work well for gaining followers without any other strategy.


  1. shareasale gives great commission too :) i'd like to invite you If you haven't join them yet. most if not all the merchants are US based

    1. Yes, I am signed up with Shareasale. I LOVE their bonuses for a little extra cash and every now and then a sale :)

  2. Great post. I will be signing up with a few these via your links. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the comment!

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