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We love that we can use this platform of our cruelty-free vegan family lifestyle blog to help highlight many issues that are near to our heart. One of the only things anyone can do right now to save 1000s of lives in their lifetimes is to go vegan.

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Want to know why Animal Agriculture is so BAD?

How is Animal Agriculture Responsible for Climate Change?

Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

In  1960 we killed 1.8 billion animals for food in the US.
In the 2015 we slaughtered 9.2 billion animals. 

Since the start of THIS century we have been averaging around 9 billion animals killed each year for food. That means if you were born a millennial, you were born into a time where things had already spun out of control with the animal agriculture industry. - Numbers from The Humane Society

That is a MASSIVE jump from 1.8 billion animals to 9 billion animals killed per year.

Those animals killed for food are not the only ones being kept against their will. Billions of cows and pigs are repeatedly impregnated in order to reproduce or for lactation (cow's milk) although that is their only purpose in their short lives before they too become meat.

How is the planet keeping up with all these farmed animals? It's NOT. It is eating the planet alive!

1. Tons of soy and grains are all grown to feed animals, much of it in deforested areas

TONS and TONS of food that we could easily create delicious plant based food to feed the entire world ten times over, goes to raise these animals instead.

Vast animal-feed crops to satisfy our meat needs are destroying planet The Guardian 10/5/2017

2. Our water is polluted by feces, run-off, and used in massive amounts to keep these animals watered in increasingly arid environments.

3. Much of our air pollution is coming from factory farming 

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Agriculture - HSUS

4. More deforestation throughout the Amazon and all over the entire world is caused by soy farms and animal grazing. 

The forests we have left are losing the ability to clean the air. Oxygen is depleted from the ocean. All of the species will die if the earth becomes a dead zone.



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