Monday, June 12, 2017

11 Cool Things to Do for Father's Day

When we think of Mother's Day we think of a special brunch, or maybe if moms are lucky, breakfast in bed, flowers, and a spa treatment for a relaxing day. What is a cool thing to do for Father's Day? What are the best electronics for Dad?? Once again we are getting out and about around town with our Navdy hands-free GPS unit, and we have answers to both of those questions! Join us as we are explore our favorite places to go for Father's Day and the best device to get you there.

* This is a sponsored post. We received a complimentary Navdy in order to create this post.

If you are looking for the best electronics for Father's Day, we think Navdy would certainly make a great gift. In a nutshell, Navdy is a futuristic GPS device that sits on your car’s dashboard, enabling you to view information like turn-by-turn directions without ever having to take your eyes off the road. It also gives you hands-free access to your phone calls, emails, messages and music, all while making it a safer, more connected experience.

If Dad likes the latest in tech, have him unwrap this sharp-looking black gift box, install the app, and hit the road listening to his favorite music playlists or podcasts, all while keeping his eyes on the road.

Going someplace special or new doesn't have to be much more expensive than a tank of gas. Here's a list of 11 Things to Do for Father's Day that work just about anywhere. Just gather the family and plug a new experience into your GPS navigator.

A visit to Elfin Forest in Escondido, CA

1. Hiking Trails

Get your family or your Dad outdoors and into nature. Take a short stroll on a nature trail or long walk into the woods. Get a little bit of fresh air and exercise someplace that is a little of the beaten path on Dad's day.

2. Picnic in the Park

Pack your picnic basket with plenty of Dad's favorite foods, snacks, and refreshments, put down a picnic blanket, bring a badminton set, soccer ball or football to toss around. Spend the afternoon relaxing and exploring the grounds of your local park, city, state or National Park.

3. Beach or Water Adventure

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, then get out there and visit the tidepools, or put the boogie boards in the water for a fun afternoon. If you are landlocked, look for a lake or waterfall to chase that water adventure.

Check out our How to Find the Tidepools post with Navdy.

4. Brewery or Tap Room

We live in a city where micro-brews are all the rage, so we have a ton of options. Many of the breweries and tap rooms are family friendly and boast other perks like games, a full menu, or food trucks. Bring coloring or activities for little kids and make Mom the designated ride home so Dad enjoys his craft beer.

One of our local breweries has bowling lanes!

5. Winery

I know we are blessed with an over-abundance of wine country here in California, but there are wineries in almost every state. If you live within day trip distance of a winery, it may have beautiful grounds for picnicking, and you can enjoy a bottle of their best wine while soaking in the sunshine. We've even found kid friendly wineries with small playgrounds, gardens, and even restaurants, food and entertainment for a laid back, leisurely Father's Day.

6. Bowling Alley

Why not do something athletic with Dad? Bowling is a classic activity that is fun for the whole family, and there is always food and beer by the pitcher.

7. Go Karting

Go Karting is another great family activity for a Dad with a need for speed. Straight from the list of things Moms don't want to do for Mother's Day, this is the one day of the year where we can make this happen.

8. Golf or Mini Golf

If Dad has a thing for golf, and the kids are old enough to join in, rent a couple golf carts, grab your dust-collecting clubs and get out there. Driving ranges are a good time for families with older kids, and the little ones can join in on mini-golf or putt-putt courses.

9. Museum or Exhibit

It doesn't have to be a pretentious art gallery to count as culture. Whether it's a science or history museum, a botanical garden or vintage display in a country town, get out there and look at something that interests the old guy and make a day of it.

10. Brunch

Let's face it. Nobody is going to complain about a gorgeous Father's Day brunch. Make reservations at a special place and let Dad indulge over some family bonding.

11. Theme Park

It wouldn't be a list of ours if I didn't get theme parks on there! Some of the parks will get crowded for the holiday, but download a ride wait times app and enjoy cruising and eating your way around the park.

If you do a theme park, make sure it is one that he likes.

If you have any ideas for Father's Day that could work almost anywhere, we'd love to hear some of your fun and unique ideas or traditions.

If any of these are your Dad's or husband's kind of experiences, check out Navdy for your Dad's kind of gift!

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