Right On Gift Guide 2016

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Welcome to the Mommy on the Money Holiday Gift Guide!

Once again, we have all of our favorite products and gifts for you for the 2016 Holiday season! We have some of our top picks for kids items, toys, books, some travel theme items, SoCal ideas for our locals, and anything food or beauty related is vegan!

We will also be giving a lot of these items away throughout the season so make sure you check everything out, enter our giveaways and have a spectacular holiday season!

Here we are showcasing some of our FAVORITE products! Some of them we have reviewed, here on the blog, some are just... awesome.

If you would like to your product featured in our Holiday Gift Guide, please contact me.

*more coming soon throughout the holiday season...

Our FAVORITE Kids Toys and Gifts

Great Pretenders Dress up and Pretend Play + GIVEAWAY

Lily Nily Kids 18k Gold Plated Jewelry

DK LEGO Star Wars The Chronicles of the Force on Amazon

DK 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks Book

Brio Family House + GIVEAWAY

Brio Clown Stacker + GIVEAWAY

Great Games for Little Kids + GIVEAWAY

Our FAVORITE BIG Kids and Grown-Ups Toys and Gifts

Great Games for Grown-ups + GIVEAWAY

Best LEGO Sets for Grown-Ups and BIG Kids

SoCal and Travel Gifts

Dana Wharf Whale Watching Tours

Vegan Foodie Gifts

Veestro Vegan Food Delivered

Create a Custom VEGAN Taste Trunk

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