Thursday, September 21, 2017

Vegan Food at LEGOLAND California Resort

One of my favorite things about LEGOLAND California is their food. As someone who used to work there, I can tell you that their food standards are extremely high. They have always sold a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and source a lot of their ingredients and products locally and from natural and organic brands. We are so lucky to have this gem among all the theme park and entertainment options in San Diego because it is a great place to play and you won't have trouble finding healthy food.

Check out the vegan food at LEGOLAND California:

The Market

In the Market in the Beginning of the park, you will find fresh fruit cups, whole fresh fruit, and I have found Soy Delicious yogurt here. There is a garden salad available and I believe their pretzel bread may even be vegan and can be ordered separately from a sandwich. There are also various gourmet snacks and goodies that may or may not be accidentally vegan upon closer inspection.

LEGOLAND California has TWO salad bars in the park and they are fresh, well-curated, and delicious. 

Fun Town's Urban Kitchen

Fun Town's Urban Kitchen has a great salad bar. They go above and beyond the basics by adding in gourmet tossed salads with their fresh greens and veggies.

You can also have the Tofu and Veggie Bowl with Basmati Rice (no Curry sauce) at this location.

Wok 'n Bowl Ramen

Unfortunately you will not get a vegan ramen here, but theTofu Stir Fry on Tamaki Gold White Rice is the plant based option on the menu.

Granny's Apple Fries

Great news! Granny's Apple Fries are indeed vegan! They are a special, yummy treat, but you need to make sure you order without the whip cream which has dairy in it. The apple fries are covered in cinnamon sugar so you will not miss the extra sugar in the cream.'

Ninja Kitchen

You are in LUCK here! The Tofu Bahn Mi is vegan! Sensei Wu wants you to hold the mayo but everything else in this sandwich is vegan and it is delicious.

I could see why you may need a little mayo so I hope they can switch to the Hampton Creek Just Mayo or similar vegan brand soon because they tasted exactly the same.

Pizza & Pasta Buffet

This place has a fabulous salad bar. It has fresh Romaine, spinach, and/or spring mix salads vegetables, legumes as well as marinated pepper salads, Mediterranean olives, pepperocinis, other seasonal creations, and Italian dressing.

You may not find a vegan cheese pizza here but you can request the GF pasta with marinara which they note is suitable for vegans.

The Garden Restaurant 

The garden restaurant has the fruit cup, fresh fruit, sometimes you can find the vegan So Delicious coconut yogurt, and some potato chips. (It's something!)

If you visit LEGOLAND California, make sure to try some of their vegan options to help fuel your fun with some plant power!

Did you find any vegan food that we haven't seen yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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