Friday, May 5, 2017

Travel with Navdy Carlsbad Tide Pools Trip

So we just got back from Japan, and it has been a little bit of a tough transition for the family. If you remember, this time last year, I posted about our Mother's Day move to Japan which turned into nearly a year long expat residency. After learning a totally different lifestyle with a bike and subway system instead of a car - I had reteach myself how to get around. Perfect timing to have a Navdy hands free GPS unit to test out.

*We received a complimentary Navdy in order to facilitate this sponsored post. We may receive a commission if you click a link in this post and make a purchase.

What is a Navdy?

Navdy is a next generation heads up displays, connecting your phone to your car in a way that, until now, hasn’t been possible. It uses augmented reality to project the information you need directly over the road ahead. You can access maps, call, messages, music, and more without ever taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. In short, Navdy makes driving a safer, more connected experience.

Firstly, I really enjoyed opening the box. The box was a lot bigger and sturdier than I had expected but it is a high value device so I'm happy that it felt solid, had some weight to it, and came in a large gift style box. 

There are three different mounts, short, medium or tall and they really depend on how high or low your dashboard is and what is most comfortable for the driver. They state that most people use the short mount and that worked for us too. 

Other than the mounts, you can find your power cord, and your Navdy Dial which attaches to your steering wheel.

We put the Navdy Dial on the lower right hand side of the steering wheel. You spin the dial with your thumb to view routes, select songs, Pandora, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, browse contacts, and more by tapping the button.

Then you put the iPhone or android app on your phone. The Navdy will connect to your phone this way. It also has built in offline maps and its own GPS if you have no coverage.

Navdy is an entirely unique concept. The information is transferred from your phone via their app and it is projected on a futuristic transparent screen in digital color. You get a clear view of maps, incoming calls pop up, all the while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

The maps on Navdy are projected on the clear screen right in front of the driver, but it appearing to be outside the car. Since the screen is transparent, it doesn't obstruct the driver's view and the road remains in focus. 

For someone who easily gets lost, always needs a map to get myself anywhere, and is not particularly tech savvy I started with the navigation function.

Tapping the button on the steering wheel dial gets your Navdy to the point where you state your destination and soon you are on your way.

The directions were super easy to follow. I love how Navdy highlights your route while featuring some of the other streets and cross streets yet keeps it to a minimum for graphics. 

Navdy is definitely the most smooth sailing, stress-free ways to get from point A to point B (as in beach) that we have seen.

Navdy will also read your texts, emails, and notifications verbally and you can respond via Siri or Google Now and get info like Speed Limit, MPG, and other important driver information.

I called my husband as he was driving. It takes a hand swipe to answer or decline the call. 

We decided to test Navdy out by finding a place we had never been to in Southern California just 10-15 miles away from home.

*Make sure you check out this sign and remember be careful and do not handle the wildlife.

Visiting the Tide Pools in Carlsbad, CA. 

(Visit the tide schedule to find out what time low tide is going to be.) 

Go to cross streets, Cerezo Dr and Carlsbad Blvd. 

Plan on parking on Carlsbad Blvd. 

You get down to the tide pools via long flight of stairs after the last house on the bluff near Cerezo Dr.

We didn't see a ton of wildlife down in the Carlsbad Tide pools but it certainly was a beautiful shoreline to visit that is less than 20 minutes away from my home! It was helpful to have Navdy to find this place!

At the time of this post the unit was $499 or $28/month for 18 months at 0% financing.

Purchase on Amazon.

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