Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Penwizard Customized Books Promo Code

We're going to hype up these personalized books by Penwizard right now because we are planning on doing a review of one for our little girl soon, but just in case any of you are looking to get your shopping done early, they have a promo code that is live now...
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LEGO Best Sets of 2017 Gift Guide

So many great LEGO sets out there right now for your serious LEGO maniacs to you composed collectors, there is a set for everyone. If you are unsure of what LEGO sets are the best for 2017 take it from a former LEGOLAND Master Model Builder. Here are some of my favorite LEGO sets for gifts.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

12 Vegan School Lunches

Tofurky roll-up, cashews, Dandies marshmallow, veggie sticks, red pepper, cantaloupe

I thought I'd share another batch of vegan kids lunches from the last few weeks. Our lunches are pretty basic but I don't think it has to be fancy if it's got a lot of healthy food that the kid will actually eat. You can see he really like cantaloupe! He loves raspberries and other melons too, although it was a total fail with the green honeydew this week. He also likes all the fake meats like Gardein, Tofurky, and Field Roast, but really doesn't like sandwiches. I think I played out the nut butter sandwich last year so he's kinda over it and we went with more of a lunchable-type vibe or some other vegan protein. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Petcurean Gather Vegan Dog Food Review

We were so excited when we were asked to test out a new vegan dog food from Petcurean a few weeks ago. As you may know, plant based diets are highly digestible and can be very good for dogs as well as it is for humans and also the environment. I had been wanting to put Lulu on a vegan diet a while back after I went vegan myself but the vet, at the time, said she should stay on a prescription diet which she was not really happy about. Things have changed since then, health-wise, and now they are suggesting a plant based diet is the way to go for her. I couldn't be happier. It was a great time to be asked test out Endless Valley, the vegan option from Petcurean's line of GATHER™ foods.

Great Vegan Food and Hotels in Las Vegas

Violettes Vegan Organic Eatery and Juice Bar tofu scramble, veggie sausage, potatoes, veggies.

We just spent another weekend in Las Vegas. This was the first time we had a weekend alone without the kids since before our daughter was born almost 3 years ago and it was as fabulous as ever. Not only did the kids do great with their grandparents but we had a great time as a couple. Sometimes you need those little breaks to reconnect and do the things that you enjoy together and both us love the slot machines, the shows, wine, and of course vegan food!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Winc Vegan Wine Delivery Review and Promo Code

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Winc and how they carried a whole bunch of vegan wines that can be delivered to your home monthly. This week we were able to sample four complimentary wines of our choice. Of course we chose all red! It was so nice to get wine delivered to my door. After the juice delivery, our fresh produce, we may never leave the house again...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chef V Juice and Vegan Cleanse and Soups Delivery

I had swapped my breakfast and lunch or snack for a smoothie a few weeks back and I was excited to try something healthy with more of a cleansing effect that I didn't have to make myself. PERFECT time to try a new organic juice delivery. For the past couple weeks we enjoyed fresh organic green drinks from Chef V to help give our bodies, and our blender, a much needed break.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Vegan Chocolate Halloween Candy and Other Treats We are Giving Away

I have to have some chocolate in my vegan treats. We just went to a kids trick or treating event (I know, so early!!!) and it seemed like everything they gave out was vegan which was great but I want my chocolate! How am I supposed to score my Halloween candy if nobody gives my kids chocolate and with that - non-dairy chocolate I can eat!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Vegan Wine Delivery from Winc

Winc is a direct-distribution wine company that personalizes the entire wine experience by pairing wines with your taste. They also have some really attractive labels at reasonable prices and clearly marked if they are vegan. My fellow vegans know how fantastic this is because most wine is not labeled whether it is vegan or not. In case you didn't know, wine may not be vegan because it could be processed with animal products somewhere along the way. Winc makes this SO easy for us to tell the difference!
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